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About Dark type

The Dark type is one of the eighteen types. Notable Trainers who specialize in Dark-type Pokemon are Karen of the Indigo Plateau Elite Four, Sidney of the Hoenn Elite Four, and Grimsley of the Unova Elite Four. Notably, the Dark type is the only type that has never had a Pokemon Gym specialize in it, although it is a recurrent type used by villainous teams and Elite Four members. Prior to changes in Generation IV, all Dark-type moves were special, but they may now also be physical depending on the attack. The Dark type was introduced in Generation II, along with the Steel type.

Battle properties

Generations II to V

Offensive Defensive
Power Types Power Types
2X Ghost Psychic ½× Dark Ghost
½× Dark Fighting Steel 2X Bug Fighting
0X   0X Psychic

Generation VI onwards

Offensive Defensive
Power Types Power Types
2X Ghost Psychic ½× Dark Ghost
½× Dark Fairy Fighting 2X Bug Fairy Fighting
0X   0X Psychic

Pokemon with this type

Pure Pokemon with this type

197 Umbreon
261 Poochyena
262 Mightyena
359 Absol
359 Absol Mega Absol
491 Darkrai
509 Purrloin
510 Liepard
570 Zorua
571 Zoroark

Pokemon with this type as primary

Type 1
Type 2
198 Murkrow Dark Flying
215 Sneasel Dark Ice
228 Houndour Dark Fire
229 Houndoom Dark Fire
229 Houndoom Mega Houndoom Dark Fire
302 Sableye Dark Ghost
302 Sableye Mega Sableye Dark Ghost
430 Honchkrow Dark Flying
461 Weavile Dark Ice
559 Scraggy Dark Fighting
560 Scrafty Dark Fighting
624 Pawniard Dark Steel
625 Bisharp Dark Steel
629 Vullaby Dark Flying
630 Mandibuzz Dark Flying
633 Deino Dark Dragon
634 Zweilous Dark Dragon
635 Hydreigon Dark Dragon
686 Inkay Dark Psychic
687 Malamar Dark Psychic
717 Yveltal Dark Flying

Pokemon with this type as secondary

Type 1
Type 2
130 Gyarados Mega Gyarados Water Dark
248 Tyranitar Rock Dark
248 Tyranitar Mega Tyranitar Rock Dark
274 Nuzleaf Grass Dark
275 Shiftry Grass Dark
318 Carvanha Water Dark
319 Sharpedo Water Dark
319 Sharpedo Mega Sharpedo Water Dark
332 Cacturne Grass Dark
342 Crawdaunt Water Dark
434 Stunky Poison Dark
435 Skuntank Poison Dark
442 Spiritomb Ghost Dark
452 Drapion Poison Dark
551 Sandile Ground Dark
552 Krokorok Ground Dark
553 Krookodile Ground Dark
658 Greninja Water Dark
675 Pangoro Fighting Dark
720 Unbound Hoopa Psychic Dark