Fairy (type)

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About Fairy type

The Fairy type is one of the eighteen types. Notable Trainers who specialize in Fairy-type Pokemon include the Gym Leader Valerie of Laverre City. The Fairy type was introduced in Generation VI. As well as introducing new Pokemon with the Fairy type, 22 Pokemon were changed to Fairy types.

Battle properties

Generations II to V

Offensive Defensive
Power Types Power Types
2X Dark Dragon Fighting ½× Bug Dark Fighting
½× Fire Poison Steel 2X Poison Steel
0X   0X Dragon

Pure Pokemon with this type

035 Clefairy*
036 Clefable*
173 Cleffa*
175 Togepi*
209 Snubbull*
210 Granbull*
669 Flabebe Flabebe
670 Floette
671 Florges
682 Spritzee
683 Aromatisse
684 Swirlix
685 Slurpuff
700 Sylveon
716 Xerneas

Pokemon with this type as primary

Type 1
Type 2
176 Togetic* Fairy Flying
468 Togekiss* Fairy Flying

Pokemon with this type as secondary

Type 1
Type 2
039 Jigglypuff* Normal Fairy
040 Wigglytuff* Normal Fairy
122 Mr. Mime* Psychic Fairy
174 Igglybuff* Normal Fairy
183 Marill* Water Fairy
184 Azumarill* Water Fairy
280 Ralts* Psychic Fairy
281 Kirlia* Psychic Fairy
282 Gardevoir* Psychic Fairy
282 Gardevoir Mega Gardevoir Psychic Fairy
298 Azurill* Normal Fairy
303 Mawile* Steel Fairy
303 Mawile Mega Mawile Steel Fairy
334 Altaria Mega Altaria Dragon Fairy
439 Mime Jr.* Psychic Fairy
531 Audino Mega Audino Normal Fairy
546 Cottonee* Grass Fairy
547 Whimsicott* Grass Fairy
702 Dedenne Electric Fairy
703 Carbink Rock Fairy
707 Klefki Steel Fairy
719 Diancie Rock Fairy
719 Diancie Mega Diancie Rock Fairy