Mega Slowbro and Mega Audino revealed!

Junichi Masuda has just officially revealed Mega Audino at the German trade fair, Gamescom. It was accidentally leaked by the official Korean Pokémon website a few days ago (along with Mega Slowbro who has not yet been officially revealed). TPCi have also posted a new video showing Mega Audino in battle:

Diancie and shiny Gengar events finally announced

New GameStop distributions have been revealed for X&Y during October/November. First up, a shiny Gengar holding the Gengarite Mega Stone will be available via a special code card distribution at participating GameStop stores in America, GAME stores in the UK as well as across Europe. When Mega-Evolved, shiny Gengar turns white! This event runs from October 13th to 26th in … Read More