Wonder Guard (Ability)

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In battle

Wonder Guard makes the user immune to direct damage moves that are not super effective.

It does not affect moves that do not do damage, such as Tail Whip or Poison Powder. It does not prevent any indirect damage, such as burn or poison, weather conditions, recoil damage, or entry hazards.

Wonder Guard also does not block typeless moves from hitting. This includes Struggle, and, prior to Generation V, Beat Up, Future Sight, and Doom Desire. In Generation IV only, due to a presumed glitch, Fire Fang can hit through Wonder Guard even if it would not be super effective.

Wonder Guard cannot be Skill Swapped or copied by Role Play, but it can be Traced. Wonder Guard can be replaced with Simple Beam, Worry Seed, Entrainment or suppressed with Gastro Acid. Additionally, Entrainment can grant Wonder Guard to a target if used by a Pokemon with this Ability.

Wonder Guard can be bypassed by a Pokemon with Mold Breaker, Teravolt, or Turboblaze.

Outside of battle

Wonder Guard has no effect outside of battle.

Pokemon with Wonder Guard

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Shedinja Bug Ghost Wonder Guard None None