Vital Spirit (Ability)

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In battle

Vital Spirit prevents the Pokemon from being afflicted by sleep and Yawn. Rest will fail when used by the Pokemon.

A Pokemon with this Ability will wake up if it is asleep in battle (such as if it gains the Ability outside of battle or by an effect like Skill Swap, or is put to sleep by a Pokemon with an Ability like Mold Breaker). If the Pokemon is holding a Chesto Berry or a Lum Berry, it will be eaten before Vital Spirit wakes up the Pokemon.

If a Pokemon with this Ability is drowsy due to Yawn, when it would fall asleep the Ability activates and keeps it awake.

Outside of battle

If a sleeping Pokemon gains Vital Spirit by evolution or the Ability Capsule, it will not wake up until sent into battle. Pokemon with Vital Spirit will not be put to sleep by the Gentleman’s Kirlia in the Battle Pike nor the Battle Arcade’s game board.

From Pokemon Emerald onwards, if a Pokemon with Vital Spirit is leading the party, the chance of encountering a higher-leveled wild Pokemon increase by 50%. It shares this effect with Hustle and Pressure.

In Generation V, Vital Spirit also prevents a Pokemon from visiting theDream World.

Pokemon with Vital Spirit

Ability 1
Ability 2
Mankey Fighting Vital Spirit Anger Point Defiant
Primeape Fighting Vital Spirit Anger Point Defiant
Electabuzz Electric Static None Vital Spirit
Magmar Fire Flame Body None Vital Spirit
Delibird Ice Flying Vital Spirit Hustle Insomnia
Tyrogue Fighting Guts Steadfast Vital Spirit
Elekid Electric Static None Vital Spirit
Magby Fire Flame Body None Vital Spirit
Vigoroth Normal Vital Spirit None None
Electivire Electric Motor Drive None Vital Spirit
Magmortar Fire Flame Body None Vital Spirit
Lillipup Normal Vital Spirit Pickup Run Away