Unburden (Ability)

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In battle

Unburden doubles the Pokemon’s Speed stat when the Pokemon’s held item is lost. If there is no held item to begin with or if a held item is traded for another, Unburden will not be activated. This boost is lost if the Pokemon is switched out.

Outside of battle

Unburden has no effect outside of battle.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon

As long as a Pokemon with Unburden is not holding an item, it attacks or uses moves twice in one turn. Moves affected by this only have 1 PP deducted despite being used twice.

Pokemon with Unburden

Ability 1
Ability 2
Hitmonlee Fighting Limber Reckless Unburden
Treecko Grass Overgrow None Unburden
Grovyle Grass Overgrow None Unburden
Sceptile Grass Overgrow None Unburden
Drifloon Ghost Flying Aftermath Unburden Flare Boost
Drifblim Ghost Flying Aftermath Unburden Flare Boost
Purrloin Dark Limber Unburden Prankster
Liepard Dark Limber Unburden Prankster
Accelgor Bug Hydration Sticky Hold Unburden
Swirlix Fairy Sweet Veil None Unburden
Slurpuff Fairy Sweet Veil None Unburden
Hawlucha Fighting Flying Unburden Limber Mold Breaker