Truant (Ability)

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In battle

Truant causes the user to only move every other turn. Moves which require a turn to charge, such as Solar Beam, will not work because the turn in which the move is executed is the same turn in which the Pokemon will be truant. If a Pokemon with Truant uses a move such as Hyper Beam, which recharges after use, then Truant will take effect during the turn that would normally be used recharging; however, the Pokemon still cannot switch out. The moves Worry Seed,Entrainment, and Simple Beam will not work on Pokemon with this Ability. Truant is reset by sleep and a Pokemon with Truant will always be able to attack on the turn they wake up.

Outside of battle

Truant has no effect outside of battle.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon

The Pokemon will instead gain the Paused status whenever a special move or a Wonder Orb is used.

Pokemon with Truant

Ability 1
Ability 2
Slakoth Normal Truant None None
Slaking Normal Truant None None
Durant Bug Steel Swarm Hustle Truant