Tinted Lens (Ability)

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In battle

Tinted Lens doubles the power of any moves that the Pokemon uses that are "not very effective" against its targets. If a move is regularly not very effective, and thus normally does half damage, it would therefore do normal damage, while a doubly-resisted move (such as a Bug move against the Steel/Flying Skarmory) will do half damage rather than one quarter damage.

Outside of battle

Tinted Lens has no effect outside of battle.

Pokemon with Tinted Lens

Ability 1
Ability 2
Butterfree Bug Flying Compound Eyes None Tinted Lens
Venonat Bug Poison Compound Eyes Tinted Lens Run Away
Venomoth Bug Poison Shield Dust Tinted Lens Wonder Skin
Hoothoot Normal Flying Insomnia Keen Eye Tinted Lens
Noctowl Normal Flying Insomnia Keen Eye Tinted Lens
Illumise Bug Oblivious Tinted Lens Prankster
Mothim Bug Flying Swarm None Tinted Lens
Yanmega Bug Flying Speed Boost Tinted Lens Frisk
Sigilyph Psychic Flying Wonder Skin Magic Guard Tinted Lens