Symbiosis (Ability)

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In battle

Immediately after an ally’s item is consumed, Symbiosis passes along the user’s item. An Air Balloon popping will trigger Symbiosis. Symbiosis can pass an item to a non-adjacent ally in a Triple Battle.

Symbiosis triggers any time an ally Pokemon consumes its item, either directly or through the use of Fling or Natural Gift. If multiple Pokemon on the same side of a Triple Battle or Horde Encounter have Symbiosis, then Symbiosis will trigger on the faster Pokemon (even while Trick Room is in effect).

Symbiosis will not trigger if an ally’s item is moved to a different Pokemon; this means that Symbiosis will not be triggered by the effect of Thief,Covet, Trick, Switcheroo, Bestow, Magician, Pickpocket, Symbiosis, or Sticky Barb.

If a Gem was consumed in response to the start of a move and the item received through Symbiosis would normally affect the power of the triggering move, then the item’s effect will be applied immediately; however, if a Plate or Drive is given to a Pokemon using Judgment orTechno Blast after consuming a Gem, the move’s type will not change. If aGem was consumed in response to the start of a move and the item received through Symbiosis is another Gem, it will not also consume the new Gem. If a Power Herb was consumed to use a move and the item received through Symbiosis is an appropriate Gem, the Gem will be immediately consumed. If a consumable item is received through Symbiosis and the Pokemon can currently consume it, it will use it immediately.

If a type-resist Berry is consumed in response to an attack, Symbiosis will not activate after the damage is dealt. If an item is consumed using Fling or Natural Gift, Symbiosis will not activate until after the damage is dealt.

If an Eject Button is consumed, Symbiosis will activate and transfer an item to it after it switches out but before the replacement is sent out. Any item transferred in response to an Eject Button activating cannot be activated at this time.

Symbiosis cannot transfer a Mega Stone to or from a Pokemon that canMega Evolve with it, a Griseous Orb to or from Giratina, a Drive to or fromGenesect, or a Plate to a Pokemon with Multitype.

Outside of battle

Symbiosis doesn’t have a known effect outside of battle.

Pokemon with Symbiosis

Ability 1
Ability 2
Flabebe Flabebe Fairy Flower Veil None Symbiosis
Floette Fairy Flower Veil None Symbiosis
Florges Fairy Flower Veil None Symbiosis