Stall (Ability)

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In battle

Stall causes a Pokemon with this Ability to move last within its priority bracket. Therefore, a Pokemon with this Ability will move after other Pokemon using moves with the same or higher priority during a turn of a battle. Increased priority moves will always go first, whether or not the move is used by the Pokemon with Stall. If another Pokemon uses a decreased priority move, it will go after the Pokemon with Stall.

Pokemon holding the items Lagging Tail or Full Incense will move after a Pokemon with Stall, assuming they use moves of the same priority. If a Pokemon with Stall holds Lagging Tail or Full Incense, the item takes effect and Stall is ignored. The item Quick Claw can also still activate when held by a Pokemon with Stall and causes the Pokemon to move first, overriding Stall.

Stall’s effect is not affected by Trick Room.

When two Pokemon with Stall are in the same battle and use moves in the same priority bracket, the Pokemon with the lower Speed stat will move first.

Outside of battle

Stall has no effect outside of battle.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time and Explorers of Darkness

A Pokemon with Stall only attacks foes that are directly in front of them. This does not affect leaders.

Pokemon with Stall

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Sableye Dark Ghost Keen Eye Stall Prankster