Quick Feet (Ability)

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In battle

Quick Feet increases the user’s Speed stat by 50% when the user is inflicted with a status condition. The speed drop of paralysis does not occur.

Outside of battle

If a Pokemon with Quick Feet is leading the party, then Quick Feet halves wild Pokemon encounter rate.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon

In the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series, if the Pokemon is inflicted with any negative status condition, its Movement Speed is raised by one level. As a result, the Pokemon cannot be slowed.

Pokemon with Quick Feet

Ability 1
Ability 2
Jolteon Electric Volt Absorb None Quick Feet
Granbull Fairy Intimidate Quick Feet Rattled
Teddiursa Normal Pickup Quick Feet Honey Gather
Ursaring Normal Guts Quick Feet Unnerve
Poochyena Dark Run Away Quick Feet Rattled
Mightyena Dark Intimidate Quick Feet Moxie
Zigzagoon Normal Pickup Gluttony Quick Feet
Linoone Normal Pickup Gluttony Quick Feet
Shroomish Grass Effect Spore Poison Heal Quick Feet