Pickup (Ability)

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In battle

Generation III-IV

Pickup has no effect during battle.

Generation V and on

At the end of the turn in which another Pokemon used a one-time use item (including throwing an item with Fling or using Natural Gift), a Pokemon with Pickup will collect the item if they are not holding anything. If more than one Pokemon have Pickup or Harvest, the faster Pokemon will restore an item first. If multiple items can be collected, the Pokemon will collect the item most recently consumed.

A single Pokemon’s Pickup will not activate more than once per turn.

Pickup cannot collect an item if the Pokemon that consumed the item is no longer on the field at the end of the turn, or if the item has already been recovered (such as with Recycle, another Pokemon’s Pickup, or Harvest). Pickup cannot collect an item that a Pokemon consumed before switching out, even if it switched back in again before the end of the turn. Pickup cannot collect items that have been destroyed with Incinerate, eaten withBug Bite or Pluck, or knocked off with Knock Off. A popped Air Ballooncannot be collected.

A Pokemon may only have one consumed item at a time; if a Pokemon consumes an item, obtains another item and consumes it, the original consumed item cannot be collected, even if the second item is collected or restored then swapped away. If the Pokemon obtains another item after consuming an item, Pickup can still collect the old item as long as the Pokemon does not consume the new one.

Pokemon with Pickup

Ability 1
Ability 2
Meowth Normal Pickup Technician Unnerve
Aipom Normal Run Away Pickup Skill Link
Teddiursa Normal Pickup Quick Feet Honey Gather
Phanpy Ground Pickup None Sand Veil
Zigzagoon Normal Pickup Gluttony Quick Feet
Linoone Normal Pickup Gluttony Quick Feet
Pachirisu Electric Run Away Pickup Volt Absorb
Ambipom Normal Technician Pickup Skill Link
Munchlax Normal Pickup Thick Fat Gluttony
Lillipup Normal Vital Spirit Pickup Run Away
Bunnelby Normal Pickup Cheek Pouch Huge Power
Diggersby Normal Ground Pickup Cheek Pouch Huge Power
Dedenne Electric Fairy Cheek Pouch Pickup Plus
Pumpkaboo Ghost Grass Pickup Frisk Insomnia
Gourgeist Ghost Grass Pickup Frisk Insomnia