Multitype (Ability)

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Generation IV

Multitype changes the type of the Pokemon with this Ability depending on the Plate attached. The item-removing effects of Thief, Covet, Trick,Switcheroo, and Knock Off will not work on a Pokemon with Multitype.

This Ability cannot be transferred with Skill Swap or copied with Trace orRole Play. If any Pokemon other than Arceus has this Ability, it does not work. Multitype cannot be suppressed by Gastro Acid or changed by Worry Seed.

When a Pokemon Transforms into Arceus, it becomes Arceus’s Normal form. If it is holding a Plate, it will Transform first into Arceus’s current form and will then change type and appearance to the type corresponding to that Plate.

Generation V

A Pokemon with Multitype cannot be affected by type changing moves, such as Soak. A Pokemon with Multitype is unaffected by Entrainment andSimple Beam. Multitype cannot turn into Mummy.

Multitype no longer prevents the effects of Knock Off, Trick, Switcheroo,Thief or Covet if the target is not holding a Plate.

Outside of battle

Multitype has no effect outside of battle.

Pokemon with Multitype

Ability 1
Ability 2
Arceus Normal Multitype None None