Color Change (Ability)

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In battle

Generations III and IV

After being hit by a damage-dealing move, a Pokemon with Color Change will change its type so that it is the same as that of the move that harmed it. If a Pokemon with Color Change has a substitute take the hit, its type will not change. It will change both types of a dual-type Pokemon that has gained this Ability. This Ability does not apply to Shadow moves, and being hit by Weather Ball powered by Shadow Sky makes the Pokemon with this Ability become -type. Color Change will activate after the first hit of a Multi-strike move . Using Future Sight will turn a Pokemon with Color Change into a  type immediately, even though the move does not deal damage on the first turn.

Status ailments are inflicted before Color Change activates.

Generation V

Color Change now activates after the last hit of a multi-strike move.

Outside of battle

Color Change has no effect outside of battle.

Pokemon with Color Change

Ability 1
Ability 2
Kecleon Normal Color Change None Protean