Anticipation (Ability)

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In battle

Generation IV

When a Pokemon with Anticipation enters the battle or a Pokemon gains the Ability Anticipation, it causes the Pokemon to "shudder" if any opponent has a damaging move that is super-effective against the Pokemon with Anticipation, a one-hit knockout move, or Self Destruct or Explosion.

Hidden Power, Judgment, Weather Ball, and Natural Gift are treated as Normal type moves. Counter, Metal Burst, and Mirror Coat do not trigger Anticipation.

Generation V onward

The moves Self Destruct and Explosion no longer trigger Anticipation by default (although they can still trigger it in Inverse Battles, if the Pokemon is weak to Normal type moves).

Counter, Metal Burst, and Mirror Coat are counted as attacking moves of their types, so can trigger Anticipation. Techno Blast is treated as a Normal type move.

Outside of battle

Anticipation has no effect outside of battle.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon

In Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time and Explorers of Darkness, a Pokemon detects super-effective moves by hitting the opponent with a regular attack.

Pokemon with Anticipation

Ability 1
Ability 2
Eevee Normal Run Away Adaptability Anticipation
Barboach Water Ground Oblivious Anticipation Hydration
Whiscash Water Ground Oblivious Anticipation Hydration
Plant Cloak
Bug Grass Anticipation None Overcoat
Sandy Cloak
Bug Ground Anticipation None Overcoat
Trash Cloak
Bug Steel Anticipation None Overcoat
Croagunk Poison Fighting Anticipation Dry Skin Poison Touch
Toxicroak Poison Fighting Anticipation Dry Skin Poison Touch
Ferrothorn Grass Steel Iron Barbs None Anticipation